Shipping conditions

Orders are usually shipped on the day we receive them. Thanks to our location in Ratingen, Germany, parcels are delivered within 1 - 4 business days all over Europe.

We ship normal parcels (up to 30kg) either by DHL, UPS, or DPD. Bigger orders will be shipped by pallet.

Shipping costs depend on where you are located and how many parcels we ship to you. There is no real table with countries and prices, because we prefer to give you your individual shipping prices with regards to your order-history and the amount of goods you order from us. Prices range from 5,- EUR to 20,- EUR per package.

We also have thresholds after which we ship free of charge. These depend on your location and your order-history, too.

As per our terms & conditions, we are not responsible for taxes and/or custom costs, which might be the result of our shipments. Of course, our logistics team will work closely with you to keep these costs at a minimum.

Receipt of goods

Please check each parcel you receive for visible or noticeable damages. These have to be documented immediately by the driver of the transport company, to help with claims.

In case of severe damages (e.g.: a package that has been resealed or one with water damage) please refuse the package. If you urgently need the goods in this package, you can accept the package but please document the damages and the contents of the package with the fulfilling carrier.

Before you open damaged parcels, please make some pictures of the damages, to help with claims.


In case of claims, please use our claims form. This is the easiest and fastest way to reach a solution.
As previously stated, pictures of damaged goods or parcels are instrumental in this matter and should be submitted when you contact us.


In general we don’t accept returns of non-damaged goods unless they are arranged first.
If you have reason for a return contact your account manager accordingly.
We make use of return papers, which will be submitted to you from your account manager.
In case we accept a return for non-damaged goods, we only accept unopened goods.

Payments of costs related to a return (e.g.: shipping costs for the return) need to be discussed with your account manager.