We are your B2B distributor for local hobby retail stores.

In the hobby gaming sector, we enthusiastically distribute mainly Trading Card Games: Magic the Gathering, Flesh and Blood, Yu-Gi-Oh!, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Digimon, Cardfight! Vanguard, Pokémon and many more! Our 9,000+ sqm warehouse has everything you need for your store: TCGs and game accessories, board games, tabletops, action figures, and merchandise. Well-known brands like Hasbro, Konami, Nintendo, Bandai, Square Enix and Co. also make our hearts beat faster <3

We are more than just your distributor - "beyond boxes" means: from marketing to organized play to logistics, we offer you comprehensive support. Learn more about your individual advantages and services as a Blackfire customer below!

Thanks to a unique portfolio and comprehensive distribution service to thousands of retailers all over EMEA, we became one of the most reliable suppliers in the fast-growing trading card and tabletop games industry. Based on this success, in 2018, we became a part of Asmodee, a global leader in boardgames publishing and distribution.
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We start where others stop - true to our slogan "Beyond Boxes". We do not limit ourselves to the usual distributor activities but instead offer real value-added experiences with our services and products. That's why we are continuously developing Blackfire. 

Large warehouse for high availability and on-demand delivery

Highly experienced teams, strong in logistics and shipping

Reliable and product-affine customer service team



Organized Play is the first and most effective instrument to support a Trading Card Game. This is why we have a dedicated team to plan, lead and support your Organized Play events!

Games bring people together, create and grow communities.
And why should we do it anywhere else but in our hobby stores? That is why we invest in our loyal partners: we turn your hobby shop into the neighbourhood gaming powerhouse! From free Magic the Gathering Beach flags to trophies for tournament winners, we take care of our partner hobby stores for the long term. Our Organized Play team is made up exclusively of fullblooded gamers. Eva, Dennis and Thomas are more than happy to support you with great events and unforgettable promotions - so that your communities grow and contribute to your success. We help you with the TCGs from our range of products, advise you on how to build up Organized Play in your store and make sure all promotional items reach your store in time.

If you got any questions, please don‘t hesitate to contact our Organized Play Team via mail at Click below if you want to learn more about Organized Play in general:

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We are dedicated to help your store become even more successful! By offering all trending brands and products on the market, we always stay up to date and have just what you neeed.