Fish & Katz - EN

Fish & Katz - EN
Brand: HeidelBär Games
Product Code: HG114E
EAN: 4260664070894
Category: HeidelBär Games
License: HeidelBär Games
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game
Release Date: Q4 2022 (Subject to change)
Note: Release date is approximate and will be finalized later.
Order Deadline: 14.10.2022

In Fish & Katz, you catch and collect the best fish species with your cat's paw finger outfit, which are laid out as playing cards in each round. You literally fish by groping - all at the same time - for the fish of your choice with a kind of lucky cat movement. Whether or not you get to take it from the fish market display depends on what the others have snatched: If several players have tapped on the same fish, no one gets the card and it even goes on the discard pile of Fish & Katz. If a player has three fish cards of two species, all players may count them and score points, whereby the fish species have different values. If no player has collected enough valuable fish yet, a new round of Fish & Katz fishing fun begins!

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