Grendizer Robot Limited Edition Elite Bust

Grendizer Robot Limited Edition Elite Bust
Brand: Figurama Collectors
Category: Figurama Collectors
License: Figurama Collectors
Product Type: Figures & Statuettes
Release Date: Q4 2022 (Subject to change)
Note: Release date is approximate and will be finalized later.
Order Deadline: 18.08.2022

UFO Robot Grendizer, a celebrated Go Nagai classic, is the third installment in the Mazinger
series. The story follows crown prince Duke Fleed, a blue-blooded resident of the peaceful
planet Fleed. When Duke’s planet is invaded by King Vega’s malevolent robot and UFO army
of the nearby Vegan Empire, Duke manages to take possession of the Grendizer robot, a
physical manifestation of the Fleedian God of War. He escapes the terrorized planet with the
Grendizer and ends up on Earth, where he befriends kind scientist Doctor Umon.
Duke Fleed must uncover the Grendizer from its earthly hiding place when the Vegans begin to
launch attacks on Earth from their base on the far side of the Moon. However, all hope is not
lost. With the help of his brave team, the mighty Grendizer, and high-tech Spazers, Duke faces
the Vegan Empire. The ensuing battle against their intimidating foe decides the fate of the
The Limited Edition Grendizer Robot Elite Bust portrays Duke Fleed’s Grendizer, the Fleedian
God of War, in ultra-detail. With an innovative customizable chest plate that can display your
choice of country flag, this statue is truly the first of its kind.
The 1/3 scale equivalent allows for this statue to integrate with the Mazinger and Getter Robo
Elite Busts in a striking display of Super Robot power. Iconic gold horns extend from the head
and a glistening silver harken curves upwards to either side of Grendizer’s broad torso. The
Super Robot is attached with intricate mechanical detail atop a pedestal modeled after a Spazer,
the aircraft that integrates with Grendizer for flight. The inner workings of the robot can be seen
in some areas Visible nuts and bolts hold together the simulated panels of Space Alloy Gren,
and can be seen even in the smallest features, like the Spazer’s deadly Spin Saucers. These
details are highlighted by Figurama’s signature painting style, featuring signs of wear and tear
from battle that add to a unique sense of realism. The Grendizer’s grand presence is highlighted
by a confident facial expression that represents the pride of Fleed in this much-awaited classic.
Crafted from polystone, each limited-edition Grendizer Robot Elite Bust comes packaged with
an official Certificate of Authenticity.

Please note that this product will not be ordered if the minimum order quantity is not reached in the pre-order stage.

Please note that the ordered flag will be included in the box of the Grendizer as per the order that will be placed for the respective country along with the original chest plate.