Wild West Exodus: Red Oak Crematorium - EN

Wild West Exodus: Red Oak Crematorium - EN
Brand: Warcradle Studios
Product Code: WSA540005
Category: Warcradle Studios
License: Warcradle Studios
Language: english
Product Type: Game & RPG Miniatures
Release Date: 26.08.2022
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The last place in town anyone wants to visit, and the inevitable last place they do visit, is the Red Oak Crematorium. It's an unusual site but the local Boot Hill was filled to bursting during the Ore War so most of the locals have got used to the foul-smelling smoke on Sunday afternoons. It’s a good job too. With the town of Red Oak seeming to be a centre of violent outbreaks between Lawmen, Outlaws, the Union and others, the efficiency of the crematorium can’t be over appreciated. If they all had to be dug graves the town might have to hire a gang of constructs from the local Enlightened representative full time.


1x Red Oak "Scuffins & Sons" Crematorium
1x Conveyor Belt to external Mulcher
2x Levers
1x Tool Wall
1x Incineration Station
2x Advertising Signs
4x Coffins
2x Large Communal coffins
2x Single Coffins
Please Note:

Scenery items are manufactured in Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF).
Buildings are supplied pre-painted and some assembly will be required.
Assembly instructions can be found online and by scanning the QR printed on the packaging.