Tales From The Magician's Skull #7 - EN

Tales From The Magician's Skull #7 - EN
Brand: Goodman Games
Product Code: GMG4506
EAN: 9781956449068
Category: Goodman Games
License: Goodman Games
Language: english
Product Type: Gamebook
Release Date: Autumn 2022 (Subject to change)
Note: Release date is approximate and will be finalized later.
Order Deadline: 01.08.2022

A gong shivers… the mists part to reveal a grisly visage lying upon a mound of rubble, dead but for one glowing, malefic eye… It speaks, in a voice of cold command: Silence, mortal dogs! It is time now for Tales From The Magician’s Skull #7! Praise me, Mortal Dogs, for once again I bring tales to terrify and delight in equal measure! Oh, great was my pleasure when these stories were presented to me, and I only wish I might witness your first reading of the wonders herein. Doubtless you shall spring forth to cavort in glee and windmill your arms in reckless abandon!" Seven new sword-and-sorcery stories from some of the top talent in the industry. Including John C. Hocking, James Enge, C.L. Werner and more. Original cover artwork by fantasy legend Sanjulian. New monsters and items taken from the stories and converted for use in your DCC RPG campaign.