Cthulhu's Vault - EN

Cthulhu's Vault - EN
Brand: Jolly Roger Games
Product Code: 11920
EAN: 9780990807803
Category: Jolly Rogers Games
License: Jolly Roger Games
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game

A card game that starts cooperatively, but ends with one corrupt player, a Mythos monster, and a desperate battle to save the world. The game is meant to be played by 2-6 players, lasting less than an hour. The game will include:

Over-sized Ancient One Cards (11)
Over-sized Story Cards (85)
Over-sized Investigator Cards (9)
Ancient One Player Aid Card
Investigator Battle Cards (Standard European Size, 32)
Ancient One Battle Cards (standard European Size, 16)
Battle Order Cards (Standard European Size, 12)
Single Cultist Tokens (28)
Double Cultist Tokens (7)
Single Investigator Tokens (28)
Double Investigator Tokens (7)
D6 Dice (3)
Rule book

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