Monster Hunter Rise Kamura Palico Plush

Monster Hunter Rise Kamura Palico Plush
Brand: ItemLab
Product Code: LAB340017
EAN: 4251972802871
Category: Plush
License: Monster Hunter
Product Type: Merchandise

Palicos are loyal and cute companions from Capcom's successful video game series Monster Hunter. They stand by the players during their adventures and support them in battles against monsters. They have different specialisations or wear different armor - including the popular Kamura armor.

This climate-neutral certified "Kamura Palico" plush is 28cm high and the filling material is made of 100% recycled and certified polyester. The hangtag of the Kamura Palico plush is made of FSC certified recycled cardboard and has been printed with plant based and mineral oil free inks that are environmentally friendly and do not interfere with the later recycling process. Like in the game, this soft and sustainable pal likes to enjoy a few cuddles.