Jay and Silent Bob T-Shirt "Got Christ?"

Jay and Silent Bob T-Shirt "Got Christ?"
Brand: ItemLab
Product Code: LAB110146XL
EAN: 4251972802642
Category: T-Shirts Blind
License: Various
Product Type: Merchandise

Size: XL

Sustainable premium T-Shirt from the Jay and Silent Bob universe. It features the “Got Christ?“ Buddy Christ motive that Jay is wearing in Clerks 2 on a white background and has been produced with a focus on sustainability, durability and high wearing comfort. The raw material is 100% cotton (GOTS certified organic cotton), which requires up to 91% less water in cultivation. For an optimal fit, the T-Shirt
is produced with a side seam (no tubular fabric) and a basis weight of 180g/m². With a new technique, the water needed for screen production can be reused and therefore we were able to reduce fresh water consumption by up to 75%. The water-based dyes significantly reduce the microplastic produced during production.