Cobi - Youngtimer Warszawa 223 K Ambulance vehicle model

Cobi - Youngtimer Warszawa 223 K Ambulance vehicle model
Brand: Cobi
Product Code: COBI-24549
EAN: 5902251245498
Category: Cobi
License: Cobi
Product Type: Puzzle / Maquette / Constructor

Polish passenger car produced by the Factory of Passenger Cars (FSO) in Warsaw. The car was modeled after the Soviet car M20 Pabieda. Version 223 K was intended for the health service.

The Warsaw M20 model was created on a scale of 1:35 and 100% consists of original COBI bricks. The car has moving wheels. The design made of bricks allows for all kinds of rework and modifications. It's a great gift for any motoring fan, but it's also perfect for playing for small and large brick fans. Ambulance markings are included.

- 116 high quality components,
- produced in the EU by a company with more than 20 years of tradition,
- comply with safety standards for children's products,
- fully compatible with other design brick brands,
- printed blocks do not deform and do not fade during play or under the
influence of temperature,
- clear and intuitive instruction based on drawings and icons,
- a block with a printed model and the name of the car.

Dimensions of the model (length x width x high): 14 cm (5,5") x 5 cm (2") x 6 cm (2.4").

Box dimensions (length x width x high): 17cm x 4.5cm x 14 cm.

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