DPM - Pyrexia, Lord of Steaming Blood

DPM - Pyrexia, Lord of Steaming Blood
Brand: Dark Place Miniatures
Product Code: DP-GE-002
EAN: 5513009019997
Category: Dark Place Miniatures
License: Dark Place Miniatures
Language: english
Product Type: Game & RPG Miniatures

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Pyrexia, as the name states, is fever – in the blood, in battle, in
abject rage. The dull, fire-blackened iron of the Demon Lord’s body is
made up of the spilt, hellforged blood from every battlefield in
existence, ever since blood was there to be spilled and soaked into the
cracked and ravaged ground.

Every act of bloody violence – from the rending of prey by the predator,
to the first murder by the hominid ancestors of humanity, and even the
constant bloodshed and torture on the demonic planes – is an act of
veneration for Pyrexia, a blind sacrifice on one of his innumerable

One of the most powerful Demon Lords, if not the most powerful in terms of
raw might, Pyrexia has no agenda. In a display of demonic mockery for
balance, Pyrexia has not used his awesome power to conquer his demonic
brethren, seemingly lacking any motivation to do so. Some even say
Pyrexia has no motivation whatsoever, being no more than a manifestation
of the violence inherent in existence. Pyrexia pays them no mind – if
indeed there is a mind under the fiery crimson haze…

Miniature comes unpainted and un-assembled.