Undaunted: Reinforcements - EN

Undaunted: Reinforcements - EN
Brand: Osprey Games
Product Code: 847300
EAN: 9781472847300
Category: Osprey Games
License: Osprey Games
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Card Game 2
Release Date: 11.11.2021
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In North Africa, the Long Range Desert Group are a thorn in the sides of the Italianforces, disrupting vital lines of communication and striking at strategic targets rangingfar and wide. In Normandy, US forces brace against a German counterattack,determined to maintain their foothold in the region. The fighting is intense and theoutcome hangs on a knife-edge. With everything at stake, you desperately needreinforcements!Undaunted: Reinforcements is a modular expansion that introduces a range of newrules, scenarios, and units. Unleash the might of the German and American tanks and see how your new squad options fare against them in Undaunted: Normandy, or makeuse of mines, assault aircraft, and other new units as you attempt to outfox youropponent in Undaunted: North Africa. Whether you have only one or the other, you’ll beable to play Undaunted for the first time in a four-player mode, or test your mettle in asolo mode by Dávid Turczi and David Digby.