Silver Fox Collectibles - Deathwing Terminator – Barachiel 1:4 Scale Polystone Resin Statue

Silver Fox Collectibles - Deathwing Terminator – Barachiel 1:4 Scale Polystone Resin Statue
Brand: Silver Fox Collectibles
Product Code: SFXXX0005
Category: Silver Fox Collectibles
License: Warhammer
Product Type: Figures & Statuettes

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Officially Licensed 1:4 Scale Statues of Deathwing Terminator Barachiel from the
Warhammer 40k Universe. Silver Fox Collectibles are delighted to announce the incredible license with Games Workshop, to create a series of 1:4 Scale
Collectible Statues & Busts. Our forthcoming series will include some
awesome Space Marine Terminators, including Knights, Librarians & others. Also we will be bringing to this scale the terrifying myriad Genestealer bio morphs to create a unique and stunning range of statues that will look awesome on
their own, but amazing when put together with their formidable enemy to make a terrifying but beautiful diorama.
This first statue in this series is Barachiel the squad’s Heavy Weapons Specialist. The statue will stand an awesome 24'' tall and is mounted on a highly detailed base with rock and debris from the Warhammer 40,000 Universe.
There are 2 Switch-Out Heads, one is the iconic Terminator Helmet and the other is bare headed, featuring an augmetic eye piece.
It also comes with the Power Fist, plus an additional Switch-Out hand, Barachiel will come equipped with the Plasma Cannon, which is a huge 35cm long.
The statues are made of high quality polystone resin and each one will be hand painted and limited to 750 pieces worldwide.
1 x Barachiel Terminator
1 x Terminator Helmet (Inc LED’s)
1 x Humanoid Head (Inc LED)
1 x Plasma Cannon
2 x Power Fists
1 x Humanoid magnetic Skull & Spine
1 x Base
1 X Certificate of Authenticity