Daedalus Maze - EN/DE/FR/IT/SP/GR

Daedalus Maze - EN/DE/FR/IT/SP/GR
Brand: V-Games
Product Code: 00.0383
EAN: 5206457003181
Category: Various
License: Various
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

A highly addictive and adventurous game that requires ingenuity and strategic skills. Beware of the spinning traps of the Maze and your opponents! They might take the treasure from you and win the game! A constantly changing game due to the spinning mechanism and the numerous cards, which provide unlimited diversity, challenge, and joy!

Requires ingenuity and strategic skills! Object of the game is to enter the Treasure Chamber before the other player(s), pick up the treasure and make it to the Exit Zone. This is not as easy as it seems! The maze walls (red lines) are impossible to pass and as they are also rotating you can get trapped.
Can you face the secret dangers of the maze, beat your opponents, and be the winner?

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