Paper Wars Issue 97: Battle for Galicia - EN

Paper Wars Issue 97: Battle for Galicia - EN
Brand: Compass Games
Category: Compass Games
License: Compass Games
Language: english
Product Type: Books / Partworks
Release Date: 17.06.2021
Order Deadline: 27.05.2021

Battle for Galicia, 1914 models the opening campaign of World War One fought between Imperial Russia and Austria-Hungary on the plains of Galicia and southern Poland. Simulated are the concurrent offensives launched by the two belligerents; the Austro-Hungarian thrust northward direction Lublin and the Russian concentric attack aimed at Lemberg. This is an easy to learn game system combines simple mechanics (although not simplistic) with a historically accurate map and order of battle; the synthesis of the maneuver, effectiveness recovery and combat resolution sub-systems highlight the important aspects of the campaign. The game system is not only fun and exciting to play but offers the gamer a true insight into this fascinating little-known campaign.