Wow! DC Comics Pod: Joker

Wow! DC Comics Pod: Joker
Brand: Proteam Services
Product Code: 401687
EAN: 5055394016873
Category: Proteam Services
License: DC Comics
Product Type: Merchandise

COLLECTIBLE TOY FIGURE - There are several POD Figures to connect from the Wizarding World, Marvel, DC Comics and many more.

COLLECT, CONNECT AND DISPLAY - PODS connect in a number of ways so that you can make your own unique awesome light displays across your shelf, table or window ledge

JUST SWIPE TO LIGHT - Move your hand in front of the POD and a mystery surprise hidden feature is revealed when the POD lights-up. The light automatically goes out after 30 seconds

BUILD YOUR OWN COLLECTION - Connect to other WOW! PODS Characters in seconds. Other Character ranges are available - Collect them all!

WOW! PODS are officially licensed merchandise.