Conquest: Welcome W'adrhŭn Bundle - EN

Conquest: Welcome W'adrhŭn Bundle - EN
Brand: Para Bellum Wargames
Product Code: PBWWWB
EAN: 5213009012782
Category: Conquest
License: Para Bellum Wargames
Language: english
Product Type: Tabletop
Release Date: Q2 2021 (Subject to change)
Note: Release date is approximate and will be finalized later.
Order Deadline: The deadline has passed and we might not be able to fulfill your preorder after this point.

Over 80 pieces including:

2 x English - Conquest Core Box - Two Player Starter Set (or choose any language edition)
Organised Play Kit: Season 0.5- TRADE SALE ONLY
Conquest Companion Hardcover Book
W’adrhŭn: Scion of Conquest Preview Edition
Hundred Kingdoms: Longbowmen
Hundred Kingdoms: Hunter Cadre
Hundred Kingdoms: Household Guards
Hundred Kingdoms: Household Knights
2 x Hundred Kingdoms: Mercenary Crossbowmen
2 x Hundred Kingdoms: Men-at-Arms
Hundred Kingdoms: Militia
Hundred Kingdoms: Militia Bowmen
Hundred Kingdoms: Steel Legion
Hundred Kingdoms: Noble Lord
First Blood Starter / Taster - Hundred Kingdoms
Spires: Avatara
Spires: Abomination
2 x Spires: Brute Drones
2 x Spires: Marksman Clones
Spires: Biomancer
Spires: Lineage Highborne
First Blood Starter / Taster - Spires
Dweghom: Fireforged
Dweghom: Hold Ballistae
2 x Dweghom: Hold Warriors
Dweghom: Hold Thanes
Dweghom: Artisan Series Exemplar Raegh
First Blood Starter / Taster - Dweghom
Nords: Trolls
Nords: Mountain Jotnar
Nords: Raiders
Nords: Stalkers
Nords: Blooded
Nords: Jarl
First Blood Starter / Taster - Nords
2 x First Blood T-Shirt -Large
2 x First Blood T-Shirt -X-Large
2 x First Blood T-Shirt -XX-Large

Marketing Materials Free to all Conquest Retailers:
W’adrhŭn : POP Poster Pack (4 posters in a tube for stores)
W’adrhŭn : Retailer Pre Order Form
Assorted POP - small posters and table tents
2021 First Half Catalog
Game on Postcards - welcome fans back to your store