Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts - Ventus

Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts - Ventus
Brand: Square Enix
Product Code: XKH3BZZZ12
EAN: 4988601350181
Category: Square Enix
License: Kingdom Hearts
Product Type: Figures & Statuettes

From KINGDOM HEARTS III, the young keyblade wielder Ventus joins the BRING ARTS figure line up!

From his brave facial expression, which still retains an air of innocence, to the texture of his black-and-white themed costume, this figure faithfully portrays Ventus’s in-game presence in 3D form. The soft material used throughout imbue him with plenty of action qualities. This figure enables the portrayal of Ventus’s graceful agility in battle.
Also included are the Wayward Wind keyblade, interchangeable head sculpts with one ready for battle or with eyes shut, and six types of hand parts.

Figure includes display stand.