Conquest W'adrhŭn: Matriarch Queen - EN

Conquest W'adrhŭn: Matriarch Queen - EN
Brand: Para Bellum Wargames
Product Code: PBW7513
EAN: 5213009012560
Category: Conquest
License: Para Bellum Wargames
Language: english
Product Type: Tabletop
Release Date: 24.05.2021
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1 Resin Miniature 1 Base 1 Command Card.

The Matriarch Queen:

A young race like the W’adrhŭn would naturally prize life giving females above all roles in its society. So, what does it say of those females who eschew these roles and chose, rather, to follow the example of their living goddess, becoming peerless warriors and leaders?
Simply that they have earned every ounce of respect from their warriors and every iota of fear from their enemies through sheer talent and application.