Conan: Monolith Sourcebook - EN

Conan: Monolith Sourcebook - EN
Brand: Modiphius Entertainment
Product Code: MUH050405
EAN: 9781912200139
Category: Modiphius Entertainment
License: Conan
Language: english
Product Type: Gamebook

A Red Tide to Kush, a complete boardgame campaign with ten new scenarios.
A solo/cooperative campaign made up of nine new scenarios for the boardgame.
Shadows from Gulsaggah, a complete roleplaying adventure campaign set in the legendary Black Coast.
Rules for solo and cooperative play for the boardgame.
Guidelines for using Conan tiles and roleplaying resources to create new scenarios for the boardgame.
Characters, monsters, equipment, and artifacts, from Amboola the Spearman to Xuthal’s Crown.