Yokai - EN/FR

Yokai - EN/FR
Brand: Blackrock Games
Product Code: 87408
EAN: 3770001874081
Category: Blackrock Games
License: Blackrock Games
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

The Yokai are in great disarray ! These Japanese Spirits got mixed with one another and, to appease them, you will need to group them by families.

Move the Yokai to gather by family. Interpret the actions of other players and leave them hint to help them guess who is behind the cards!

Yokai is a cooperative game in which you will not be able to directly talk about the Yokai cards. You will have to work in team and use your memory to regroup them by families, in a limited number of rounds. In turn, you must perform the following three actions in this order:

1 - Observe two Yokai cards, any two of them and put them back where they belong.

2 - Move a Yokai card, to bring families together, but also to give information to other players.

3 - Reveal or place a Hint card,use them to give information to other players. Either when a player decides to do so, or when you have no more hints to place, turn the Yokai cards over and check if you managed to regroup them.