10 Dice - EN

10 Dice - EN
Brand: Blackrock Games
Product Code: 59207
EAN: 5430001592078
Category: Blackrock Games
License: Blackrock Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Everything starts with the roll of a dice. Victory comes from ideas and ideas come from ten dice. Whether in the cooperative or the competitive mode, make sure to find the best idea for this word association game. Because the best ideas are always... well, the best ideas !

Whether in competitive (team) or cooperative (from 2 players) mode, everything starts with a roll of dice. Immediately, all players put their minds in action to find an association of ideas connecting the words written on the dice. An association could be a word, a place, a character, a title... anything is possible, there are no limits to possible ideas!

Thus, Marie will see the words "movie" and "boat", because she is thinking about "Titanic". The clock is ticking and Diego, her partner, has 30 seconds to guess her idea. If he doesn’t guess it, the opposing team has a chance to find Marie’s word.

In the cooperative mode, all players search simultaneously. But be careful, errors are counted! If Muna answers "Jaws", the pawn advances on the track of "not-so-good ideas". After 5 errors, the game is over... As the rounds progress, the number of dice to associat increases, which increases the difficulty - and the fun!