Vampire: The Eternal Struggle TCG - 5a Edición: Ventrue - SP

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle TCG - 5a Edición: Ventrue - SP
Brand: Black Chantry Productions
Product Code: ES029
EAN: 5060616470494
Category: Black Chantry Productions
License: Vampire TCG
Language: spanish
Product Type: Card Game

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Since ancient times, Clan Ventrue have been the royalty of the night, holding the reins of both mortal and undead society. They master every aspect of The Eternal Struggle with political skill and powers of will-bending and thrall-making. If there is a city that the Ventrue don’t already rule, you can be sure that plans are being made…

This deck applies constant pressure with both nefarious politics and heavy bleeding using Presence and Dominate. Your vampires are tireless, fueled with Fortitude powers, and can hail multiple actions towards your enemy each turn. Your defenses are sturdy, with resilient minions and abilities to redirect attacks.

89 Card V5 Ventrue Deck

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