Vampire: The Eternal Struggle TCG - 5a Edición: Tremere - SP

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle TCG - 5a Edición: Tremere - SP
Brand: Black Chantry Productions
Product Code: ES028
EAN: 5060616470487
Category: Black Chantry Productions
License: Vampire TCG
Language: spanish
Product Type: Card Game

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89 Card V5 Tremere Deck
Clan Tremere was once the most secretive clan among vampires, jealously guarding their powers of Blood Sorcery. Now the clan is shattered by internal conflicts, but make no mistake: the Warlocks are still more than active in The Eternal Struggle, and nothing will stand in their way of gaining more power.

This deck is a flexible toolbox. You can either build slowly, getting equipment and mustering many vampires, or put constant pressure on your prey with Dominate-powered bleed actions. Your vampires can either avoid unhealthy encounters or choose to battle when your hand is full of Blood Sorcery combat cards. Your defense is strong – your vampires are always on high alert!

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