Mamma Mia! Plus - DE/EN/FR/IT

Mamma Mia! Plus - DE/EN/FR/IT
Brand: Abacus Spiele
Product Code: 08091
EAN: 4011898080919
Category: Abacus Spiele
License: Abacus Spiele
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Card Game

This is a re-make of Mamma Mia! that incorporates cards from Sole Mio!, includes enough cards for a sixth player, and adds a new ingredient (shrimp).

Each player is given fifteen different pizza orders to fill, and on his turn adds ingredient cards and then an optional pizza order to a common pile. After the draw pile is exhausted, the common pile is flipped over and the cards in it are sorted by ingredient until an order comes up. If there are enough ingredient cards to fill the order, the player scores it. If there aren't enough, the player can either make up the difference with cards from his hand or put the order back into his 'to be filled' pile. After three to four rounds, the player with the most filled orders wins.


- 90 Ingredient cards (15 each of Pineapple, Olive, Green Pepper, Mushroom, - Salami, Shrimp)
- 90 Order cards (15 orders in each of 6 player colors)
- Rules in German, English, French, and Italian