The Earth is Ours! - EN

The Earth is Ours! - EN
Brand: Krishada Games
Product Code: KSG001
EAN: 0745178702904
Category: Krishada Games
License: Krishada Games
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game 2

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THE EARTH IS OURS is a fast paced, team based, family-friendly card game that pits two teams against each other for global domination. It features 216 beautifully hand illustrated cards with witty alliteration and can be learned in minutes. Game time can vary by determining the amount of points needed to win the game at its beginning.
The evil Nefarians are trying to build a machine to destroy the Earth! They concoct crazy plans to negatively affect The Environment, Industry, Technology, Politics and The Economy. From trying to pollute the water with “Rivers of Rotting Rations” or drive ozone levels up with “Billions of Belching Bison”, the Nefarians are up to no good!
We can rest a bit easier knowing that the proud Benevolites, defenders of good and justice are on our side! By deploying “Parades of Proud Policemen” and “Acres of Adorable Androids”, our heroes are building a machine to defend the Earth from its attackers!
No more waiting your turn, in THE EARTH IS OURS!, every player can play on every turn! Make your stand (regardless of which side you’re on) by helping your teammates defend your machine or destroy your opponent’s!
With seventy unique and hilarious Affect Cards and campy Combat Cards, you’ll never have more fun saving - or ruining - our planet!

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