GunPla - 30MM - EEMX-17 ALTO (White) 1/144

GunPla - 30MM - EEMX-17 ALTO (White) 1/144
Brand: Bandai
Product Code: 85321P
EAN: 4573102577788
Category: Bandai
License: Bandai
Product Type: Toys

- From the BANDAI SPIRITS Original Robot Plastic Model Series, [30 MINUTES MISSIONS] with a simple structure, easy to assemble, [eEXM - 17 Alto [White]] appeared on the 1/144 scale.

- Intuitive and easy to understand runner placement and simple parts composition. It is easy with about 80 parts !!
- It's easy to assemble, so you can make lots of it! I want to collect a lot!
- Expand multiple color variations on the same aircraft. You can enjoy your favorite coloring even without painting.
- Adopt joint joint structure common to the series. It is possible to recombine units and replace parts even between different aircraft.
- Further customization is possible by 3 mm axis hard point provided in various places!
- Armored comes with a short rifle and knuckle guard.
- Equipped with a backpack with hard points.
- One compact support mechanism [Roy Roy] that can be combined with the main unit is included.

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Case 36 x Product = 1 Case