e-Raptor Mother of Dragons Tokens Set

e-Raptor Mother of Dragons Tokens Set
Brand: E-Raptor
Product Code: 192911
EAN: 5902643192911
Category: E-Raptor
License: E-Raptor
Product Type: Storage Box

Compatible with the Mother of Dragons (expansion to base game Game of Thrones), our Mother of Dragons Tokens Set (160 pcs) is a perfect way to upgrade your game with high-quality plexiglass tokens.

The set is created to match quantities of tokens available in the base box and to make your gaming experience even better.

Set contains:

40 Power Tokens
30 Order Tokens
20 Targaryen Loyalty Tokens
3 Influence Tokens
2 Supply Tokens
2 Victory Point Tokens
16 Vassal Order Tokens
24 Sea Order Tokens
15 Area Improvement /Degradation Tokens
2 Garrison Tokens
1 Braavos Neutral Force Token
5 Dragon Strength Tokens

Total: 160