Pixels of You - EN

Pixels of You - EN
Brand: Abrams & Chronicle
Product Code: 52810
Category: Books
License: Abrams & Chronicle
Language: english
Product Type: Books / Partworks
Release Date: 27.07.2021
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A human and human-presenting AI slowly become friends–and maybe more–in this thoughtful YA graphic novel by award-winning creators
In a near future, augmentation and AI changed everything and nothing. Indira is a human who had to be cybernetically augmented after a tragic accident. Though she struggles with pain and the strange nightmares haunting her, she lives a mostly normal life, interning at a local gallery. Fawn is a human-presenting AI and has to grapple with both her family’s expectations and the way the world perceives AI. Though she works at the gallery with Indira, neither girl thinks much of the other’s photography. But after a huge public blowout, their mentor gives them an ultimatum: work together on a project or leave her gallery forever. Grudgingly, the two begin to collaborate, and slowly, their rivalry turns into a friendship–and then perhaps to something more. And as Indira and Fawn learn to navigate each other and the world around them, they find a connection they could have never expected.