Conquest Nords Bow Chosen 12pc Resin Infantry - EN

Conquest Nords Bow Chosen 12pc Resin Infantry - EN
Brand: Para Bellum Wargames
Product Code: PBW4406
EAN: 5213009012454
Category: Conquest
License: Para Bellum Wargames
Language: english
Product Type: Tabletop

These are resin figures - a premium sculpt for each of these 12 figures.
Every Nord Jarl has a few men he can trust to get the job done. They are known as the chosen men. The Bow Chosen are those of his men he knows he can dispatch deep behind enemy lines to wreak havoc among his enemies reinforcements and battle plans destroying the well laid plans of his opponents with a withering hail of fire from a favorable position.
12 Resin Miniatures (with the option of making 2 Command models), of rapid-fire snipers to pick your enemies from afar.

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Case 6 x Product = 1 Case