Veracruz 1631 - EN/DE/FR/SP

Veracruz 1631 - EN/DE/FR/SP
Brand: Enigma Studio
Product Code: EnST-2058
EAN: 638097271418
Category: Enigma Studio
License: Enigma Studio
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Veracruz was the most significant port of the New World. From its docks, thousands of galleons full of valuable goods sailed to the Spanish crown. However, hundreds of them sank due to rough weather.

In Veracruz 1631, players are merchants who have to load gold, silver, corn and cacao into the Juncal, the Santa Teresa, and the San Antonio, always following their commercial interests. Aside from this, they will try to get rid of the King's mail. During their turn, players must choose among one of the two following actions:

Bet on a galleon by placing a betting card (Reach Port/Sunken Galleon) face down on the betting area of one of the galleons.
Load a galleon with your boxes and keep the balance by adding goods corresponding his secret investment. (The galleon sinks if its imbalance value is equal to or higher than the final result of the meteorology value.)

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