Prisma Arena Launch Kit - EN

Prisma Arena Launch Kit - EN
Brand: Hub Games
Product Code: PRAPR1
EAN: 602573199367
Category: Hub Games
License: Hub Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

“Welcome young recruits. Hope still slumbers and must be protected from Despair’s draining embrace. You are here because your Prisma is strong and - more importantly - you give a damn. Now suit up. It’s time to train!”Hub Games is excited to celebrate the retail release of Prisma Arena with an in-store launch event. Bring players to your store to learn and enjoy this fast-paced game of over-the-top arena combat. Each kit contains exclusive participation prizes that your players can use in their Prisma Arena games.

4× Punchboards
16x Standee Bases
16x Hero Cards
4x Sticker Sheets
A3 Poster
A4 Instruction Sheet