Danilo Calendar - Star Wars Mini Calendar

Danilo Calendar - Star Wars Mini Calendar
Brand: Danilo
Product Code: 35621
EAN: 9781838545130
Category: Danilo
License: Star Wars
Product Type: Merchandise

Star Wars this American epic space series began in 1977 and was created by the very talented George Lucas. The first Star Wars film released was 'Episode IV: A New Hope' and the latest film to be released in 2019 was 'Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker.'

The Star Wars franchise has now become one of the highest grossing media franchise of all times. Star Wars franchise has expanded into spin-off Television series, video games, novels, comic books and theme park attractions. The Star War's fan favourite film is 'The Empire Strikes Back,' or can be called 'Star Wars Episode V.' This film was the second in the Star Wars film series but the fifth in chronological order.

The Star Wars Official Mini 2021 Calendar is the ideal calendar for Kitchens, Desks and limited wall spaces. There are memorable pictures on each month of the Star Wars films and there is the opportunity to write notes as well for 2021.