Feldherr organizer for Pulsar 2849 - board game box

Feldherr organizer for Pulsar 2849 - board game box
Brand: Feldherr
Product Code: FH60403
EAN: 4052526421476
Category: Feldherr
License: Feldherr
Product Type: Storage Box

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After mankind has opened the gate to the stars, the wealth of the galaxy is within reach. Various corporations send out fleets in search of pulsar stars. You can exploit the galaxy in peace now and don't have to bother with messy gaming materials, because we have taken care of the organization on the game table.

With this Feldherr Organizer Set made of sturdy plastic - well thought-out and tailor-made for the core game - you're able to achieve order inside the box and dominance on the table

The organizer offers space for all game materials from the "Pulsar 2849" basic game by CGE.
Optically appealing token holders offer sufficient space for the more than 200 small parts.
The game plan, the rules, the game help and the technology overview are packed separately in the box.
No assembly required. All parts are ready for immediate use.
Can’t get enough inventory control before a game? No? Well, with the Feldherr token holders everything is stored compactly and clearly arranged. So you ensure clear conditions on the gaming table.

From the median indicator to the transmitter - every tile, marker and cube gets the right compartment. This makes it easier for you to sort them after the game.

The individually designed compartments help you to keep an overview and can protect your game materials from damage.

Lid off and play. Designed as a perfect gaming solution, you can quickly take the trays out of the box, place them on the gaming table and you'll be ready to conquer galaxies in no time at all.

The set in detail:

1 spaceship token holder for general game materials.

10 compartments for nine silver and one red cube.
One compartment for the 12 quadruple cube markers.
compartments for median- and time markers.
A basin for the 25+ engineerung-cubes.
4 Pulsar token holder with 4 compartments

To sort the player materials by color.
Every player gets his own tray.
The six pulsar claim rings are kept in the compartment provided.
One 100/200-point tile lies securely on each of the rings.
You can park your rocket figures in the compartment next to it.
In the big bowl there is room for your 30+ plastic tokens.
1 Powertray with 13 compartments

To store 5 gyrodyne tiles in each of the 6 round compartments
3 large, square compartments serve as storage space for the 12 exploration bonus tiles
The 4 small, square compartments offer space for 12 plus-minus modifier tokens and 9 plus-two modifier tokens
1 Expedition token holder with 6 compartments

Put the 24 transmitter tiles into the 3 big rectangular compartments.
The 6 construction award tiles are placed in the small, rectangular compartment
Finally, you use two oval compartments for the 17 planetary system tiles.
Two foam toppers complete the set. One serves as an intermediate floor so that nothing rattles or slips. It serves as a lid over the various trays andthe 6 double-sided goal tiles

The star cluster board, the rulebook, the technology manual and the 4 quick reference sheets are stored separately. The second topper seals the organizer set.

The set includes:

1 token holder - Dice (59958)
4 token holder - Player(59955)
1 token holder - Small Tokens(59957)
1 token holder - Big Tokens(59956 )
2 foam toppers as intermediate layer and cover
The token holders have the following dimensions:

59958: 180 mm long x 91 mm long x 19 mm high
59955: 115 mm long x 70 mm long x 19 mm high
59957: 135 mm long x 130 mm long x 16 mm high
59956: 164 mm long x 138 mm long x 22 mm high
Specifications token holder

thermosoftening plastic
ready to use - no assembly required
3D printed in Germany
As with all 3D-printed models, minor imperfections may occur. The product images are only examples of how the finished product may look. Colors may vary. All products are delivered unpainted.

Specifications foam trays:

High-quality, fine-pored foam
free of chlorine and acid
Made in Germany