Feldherr foam set for Munchkin Dungeon - Core Game box

Feldherr foam set for Munchkin Dungeon - Core Game box
Brand: Feldherr
Product Code: FH59999
EAN: 4052526419992
Category: Feldherr
License: Munchkin
Product Type: Storage Box

For all Munchkin fans and followers the time of wishing and waiting has come to an end. With Munchkin Dungeon, the game now comes live, in 3D and in color to your tabletop. The principle remains the same, of course: Pick a hero, seek some trouble, defeat monsters, cheat your fellow players and grab the loot.

So that you can fully concentrate on your heroes and their upcoming adventures, here is the matching Feldherr foam set for the proper storage and protection of the miniatures and the game material.

The set fits exactly into the original board game box for the "Munchkin Dungeon" core game from CMON.
Offers space for all 19 miniatures and all game accessories.
Dashboards, dungeon board and rulebook are placed on the foam topper.
The set includes:

2 foam trays for miniatures and game material (BEMEXO040BO)
1 foam tray for large miniatures (BEMEXN080BO)
1 foam topper
The foam inserts are each half as wide as the game box. You just put the two lower inserts on top of each other and next to it the insert for the large miniatures.

In the 80 mm high insert you keep the two Boss Figures and the Wandering Monsters of level 3. Each monster is assigned its own compartment.

The nose can continue to drip undisturbed, the Hippogriff can land safely, and the dragon will keeps its wings. All figures are safely wrapped in foam all around. Perfectly fitting compartments ensure that the miniatures stay safely in place even on the road. This not only protects the fine parts from damage. The colors of painted figures are just as safe from abrasion and scratches.

On the other two inserts next to it, all other miniatures - the Heroes, Super Munchkins and Monsters - as well as the game accessories can be stowed.

A total of four compartments are reserved for the cards. The card compartments are provided with a finger-wide recess for easier removal of the stacks. Of course, these are also suitable for cards with sleeves.

12 compartments are tailor-made for the miniatures. The remaining compartments help you to sort the tokens, trackers and dice. You can sort them here easily and clearly. This saves time and nerves when setting up the game and no lost Shame Token will make you blush.

With the foam topper, also included in the set, you cover the mats so that everything is safely packed all around. On the topper you place the larger cardboard parts - the dungeon board, the dashboards and the rulebook.

With this all miniatures are safely packed, the game material is neatly stowed away and the contents of your box are optimally equipped for transport.

The foam trays have the dimensions:

BEMEXO040BO: 285 mm x 142 mm x 40 mm total height (40 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
BEMEXN080BO: 285 mm x 142 mm x 80 mm total height (80 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
high-quality, fine pored foam - Made in Germany
chlorine and acid-free