Ashes Reborn: Ashes 1.5 Upgrade Kit - EN

Ashes Reborn: Ashes 1.5 Upgrade Kit - EN
Brand: Plaid Hat Games
Product Code: PH1217-5
EAN: 850018877022
Category: Plaid Hat Games
License: Plaid Hat Games
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game 2

This Upgrade Kit is a very cost effective way for any player of the original Ashes to upgrade their entire collection to be ready to play with the Ashes Reborn rules and products.
We have poured over every card in the Ashes card pool and revised cards that needed rebalanced, simplified, or otherwise changed to fit in with our goals for the new ruleset:
Make the game more accessible and intuitive without losing any of what makes it fun and rewarding to play.
378 Updated Cards
Version 1.5 of the Rulebook
“What’s New” Sheet

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