Wyrdscapes Makeshift Defenses

Wyrdscapes Makeshift Defenses
Brand: Wyrd Games
Product Code: WYRWS020
EAN: 813856019412
Category: Wyrd Games
License: Wyrd Games
Product Type: Game & RPG Miniatures

Wyrd is building up game tables around the world with releases in our Wyrdscapes line! Wyrdscapes features highly detailed, hard plastic pieces of terrain that work perfectly for Malifaux, as well as other tabletop games. Wyrdscapes terrain is customizable and interchangeable, allowing for a huge variety on the tabletop in terms of both size and configuration.

The Wyrdscapes line features base inserts, modular buildings, board tiles, and various terrain elements to bring you a range of truly modular range of terrain all of which is cast in hard plastic.

The WyrdScapes Makeshift Defenses contains,

4 Barricades
1 Fountain
1 Ruined Building
Buildings are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.