The Other Side Core Rulebook - EN

The Other Side Core Rulebook - EN
Brand: Wyrd Games
Product Code: WYR40001
EAN: 9780997130430
Category: Wyrd Games
License: Wyrd Games
Language: english
Product Type: Gamebook

The Other Side delves into worldwide combat on an alternate history of Earth where magic and monsters are real. Take control of an Earth Nation or one of the many horrific groups that have arisen, and fight for the survival of your people...and their conquest over others.

The Other Side is a squad scale, 32mm game that features roughly 50 models per side. The gameplay in cinematic. using streamlined rules to facilitate the action. Taking advantage of alternating activations, The Other Side keeps players in the action and gives them a host of options to try to crush their foes.

The game is easy to learn and plays quickly, allowing veteran wargamers and new recruits alike the chance to dive into the game and immediately see action.

The Other Side is filled with beautifully sculpted miniatures that inspire the imagination on the tabletop. These miniatures come preassembled, allowing every player to begin playing as soon as they open the box.

These miniatures are just one of many ways that make The Other Side easy to play. Whether you're a hobbyist looking for great models to paint or someone who hates assembling miniatures, The Other Side is right for you!