Jurassic World Miniature Game: Corebox - FR

Jurassic World Miniature Game: Corebox - FR
Brand: Exod Studio
Product Code: JWCORfr
Category: Exod Studio
License: Jurassic World
Language: french
Product Type: Game & RPG Miniatures

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This game has the ambition to immerse its players in the universe of franchises Jurassic World and Jurassic Park. Thus it genuinely reproduces the skills, characteristics, and specificities of the dinosaurs and heroes with whom you will play.
For instance, the raptor is fast, agile and clever though fragile. Whereas the Triceratops is excessively slow but tough as nail Also it can inflict massive damage for those who make the mistake to remain in their way.
Jurassic World™ Miniature Game brings in-game mechanics and objectives to avoid ending in a simple deathmatch. Winning will be possible without eliminating your opponents, through crippling debuffs, clever use of fear or simply precise shots of sedative darts.
Jurassic World ™ Miniature Game reinvents the game turn which is not just one side then the other or alternated activations.
Each unit possesses a unique Action cards focused on movement, attack, defense or support.
1 Triceratops
• 1 Carnotaurus
• 4 Raptors
• 8 Mercenaries
• 1 Coin
• 324 Cards
• 4 Unit Boards
• 1 Map of 75 x 55
• Tiles and Tokens