e-Raptor Card Holder - 2S HDF

e-Raptor Card Holder - 2S HDF
Brand: E-Raptor
Product Code: 317696
EAN: 5905669317696
Category: E-Raptor
License: E-Raptor
Product Type: Supplies

e-Raptor Card Holder 2S HDF

Solid card holder, made of high quality HDF. Can hold huge number of cards (about 260 cards without sleeves and about 208 sleeved). Save space on table and prevent piles of cards from collapsing. Perfect accessory to help players keep everything in order and improve the game itself.

Designed to fit into standard 29 x 29 cm board game box.

Card size: 42x64 mm
Space for cards: 45x68 mm

All our products are designed to hold sleeved cards.