The Case of Charles Dexter Ward - EN

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward - EN
Brand: Abrams & Chronicle
Product Code: 93950
EAN: 9781910593950
Category: Books
License: H.P. Lovecraft
Language: english
Product Type: Books / Partworks

With creepy, spooky art, and sinister, suspenseful text, I. N. J. Culbard brings new life—and death—to H. P. Lovecraft's psychological mystery of forbidden knowledge and pursuits. Young Charles Dexter Ward is fascinated by the history of Joseph Curwen, his wizard ancestor of the 17th century. Curwen was notorious for haunting graveyards, practicing alchemy, and never aging! Ward can't help his fixation: He himself looks just like Curwen. In an attempt to duplicate his ancestor's cabbalistic feats, he resurrects the fearsome Curwen . . . and then the true horror begins!