Dicetopia: Crashing Waves Expansion - EN/FR/DE

Dicetopia: Crashing Waves Expansion - EN/FR/DE
Brand: All Or None Games
Product Code: AONGDA10
EAN: 767870966248
Category: All Or None Games
License: All Or None Games
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Crashing Waves is the final expansion for Dicetopia that introduces a new unsettling dock area with three new locations adding more strategies and possibilities! Visit the Crashing Waves Stock Exchange to manipulate the value of dice resources. Break out a fellow thug from Cutthroat Prison for an extra turn and a stronger area control presence. Or drop by the Molotov Market to trade dice values!

You’ll also find more fishy factions, a rebalance of the original city board, as well as full support for an extra player, making Dicetopia go up to whopping 6 players together with the Roll with the Punches Expansion!