Storm Over Asia - EN

Storm Over Asia - EN
Brand: GMT Games
Product Code: 2005
EAN: 817054011964
Category: GMT Games
License: GMT Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Storm Over Asia is both a companion game to GMT’s A World at War and Gathering Storm, and is a game in its own right, with its own victory conditions. Starting in 1935, Japan, China, Britain, and Russia prepare for war without being sure of just what is coming. Japan must balance its expansion in China, an impending confrontation with the United States and Russia, and the impact of the Pacific theater in a global war. China, Britain, and Russia must try to resist immediate Japanese expansion, while at the same time laying the groundwork for the successful prosecution of war in the Pacific. These short-term and long-term goals will often be in conflict, and misjudgments in either direction may have dire consequences.

Storm Over Asia is a must-buy for any committed A World at War and Gathering Storm player, and is an excellent – and possibly dangerously time consuming – introduction to the A World at War universe for those unfamiliar with that game, and a enjoyable and instructive fast-paced game all on its own.

Approximately 840 full-color die-cut counters.
One 22"x34" full-color Storm Over Asia mapsheet.
50-page Gathering Storm Rulebook
30-page A World at War conversion Rulebook
24-page Battle Manual, including historical notes
2 Scenario Cards
80 Random Event cards
4 Japanese Random Event Category Cards
4 Russian purge cards
9 Warlord cards
90 point tiles
80 activity counters
6 player aid sheets
2 research record sheets
1 Japanese army garrison tracking sheet
1 Japanese naval garrison tracking sheet
1 United Front tracking sheet