Feldherr foam set for Dixit - 336 cards + accessories

Feldherr foam set for Dixit - 336 cards + accessories
Brand: Feldherr
Product Code: FH58885
EAN: 4052526408071
Category: Feldherr
License: Feldherr
Product Type: Storage Box

The next game night is coming up and you want to bring your Dixit collection. Unfortunately, the big unwieldy box, together with the boxes for the expansions, is a lot of luggage. Now you're looking for a more compact way to transport your cards? And so that the enchantingly illustrated cards don't bend or get mixed up, it should be more than just a plastic bag?
Well, then here's something for you. With this light and practical Feldherr foam set, your Dixit cards and accessories are safe and secure.
The set includes:
2 Half-Size foam trays for cards and accessories (HSMENZ040BO)
2 Half-Size foam trays each with 16 compartments (HSMEOJ020BO)
1 foam topper
The two Half-Size inserts for the picture cards are each divided into four compartments.
Two large compartments provide space to store your cards. A deck of 84 picture cards fits in each compartment. So you have room in this set for 4 decks of Dixit cards with a total of 336 cards. The finger-wide recess makes it easy to remove them.
If you want to protect your cards with sleeves, you can accommodate a deck of 84 sleeved picture cards distributed to both compartments.
The two compartments in the middle are for placing the voting tokens and for the wooden rabbit game pieces.
Each of the two compartments is 62 mm long x 40 mm wide x 30 mm deep.
The two flat inserts with the blue bottoms can be used to store the tokens and game pieces. They can also be used for playing.
Also included in the set is the matching foam topper to cover the upper insert.
The Half-Size foam trays have the dimensions:
HSMENZ040BO: 275 mm x 172 mm x 40 mm total height (30 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
HSMEOJ020BO: 275 mm x 172 mm x 20 mm total height (10 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
high-quality, fine pored foam
chlorine and acid-free
Made in Germany