Pyramid Homeworlds - EN

Pyramid Homeworlds - EN
Brand: Looney Labs
Product Code: LOO111
EAN: 857848004932
Category: Looney Labs
License: Looney Labs
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Homeworlds is a complex-yet-elegant abstract strategy game: an epic interstellar space war with no luck and no hidden information. Using just 36 pyramids, Homeworlds is actually a 4X conquest game (Expand, Explore, Exploit, Exterminate) with amazing depth of gameplay. It features the four classic colors, which each provide specfic powers in the game (red for attack, yellow for movement, green for growth, and blue for transformation). This is the game Andy Looney likes so much he will give a medal to anyone who can beat him. (So far, only 19 people have.)

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