Feldherr foam set for Blood Rage Digital Physical Viking Pledge - Promos Box

Feldherr foam set for Blood Rage Digital Physical Viking Pledge - Promos Box
Brand: Feldherr
Product Code: FH59060
EAN: 4052526415659
Category: Feldherr
License: Feldherr
Product Type: Storage Box

The great board game comes to the screen and of course some fantastic miniatures will also be added to your gaming table on this occasion.

And so that these can also be stowed away just as tidy and safely as the other figures from your collection, we have the matching Feldherr foam set especially for your Promos Box.

The set fits exactly into the Promos Box from the "Physical Viking Pledge" of the Blood Rage Digital Kickstarter campaign by CMON.
Provides space for all miniatures, tokens and cards from the Physical Viking Pledge, as well as the Sculpted Token (Optional Purchase).
The Stag Clan Dashboard can be stored upon or under the foam insert, e.g. together with the Age Track, the Valhalla Sheets and the Cardboard Clan Dashboards (Optional Purchases).
The lid of the board game box protrudes approx. 3-4 cm.

The set includes:

1 foam tray for large miniatures (AGMEVG060BO)
1 foam tray for small miniatures, Sculpted Tokens and game material (AGMEVH040BO)
1 foam topper

The first insert takes care of the large miniatures. From the Mountain Giantess to Tyr and Wolfwoman - every monster and God of Asgard is assigned its own tailor-made compartment. For Odin and his throne there are three compartments available. So you can store him either sitting in on his throne one compartment, or keep the throne and Odin separately in two custom-cut compartments.

Tailor-made compartments ensure that the miniatures do not slip or bump into each other during transport. This not only protects the sensitive parts from damage. If you paint your miniatures, they are also reliably safe from abrasion and scratches.

A round compartment in the middle provides space for the large base rings.

On the second mat you keep the figures from the Stag Clan and the Stag Mystics, together with the Sculpted Tokens. The compartments are tailor-made for:

Clan Tokens
Doom Token
Saga Token
Plastic Pillage Tokens
First Player Token
Exclusive Sculpted Clan Tokens (Optional Purchase)
Exclusive Ram Clan Tokens (Optional Purchase)

Also the ship, the base-rings and the Reward Tokens are properly stored here.

There are also two compartments for the cards, one for the small ones and one for the 5th Player Expansion Cards. The finger-wide recesses make it easy to remove the stacks. The cards fit here also with sleeves.

A matching foam topper completes the care package. On the topper or under the inserts you can store larger game components. For example, here you can place the Stag Clan Dashboard together with the Optional Purchases Age Track, Valhalla Sheets and Cardboard Clan Dashboards.