Ziterdes - Dunkelstadt - Movable Dungeon Grid

Ziterdes - Dunkelstadt - Movable Dungeon Grid
Brand: Ziterdes
Product Code: 6079196
EAN: 4007246791965
Category: Ziterdes
License: Ziterdes
Product Type: Tabletop

The door is manufactured in an elaborate 3D printing process. Thus, extremely realistic shapes, structures and contours are achieved. The door frame of the Dunkelstadt version is extended by a wall block. Through the wall left and right of the door frame the door fits exactly into the wall door cut-out of the Dunkelstadt modules. ATTENTION! With older Dunkelstadt modules it may be necessary to grind the doors or the wall cutout a little bit, because the cutouts are too narrow by a few millimeters. This is often due to the production of the modules. The hard foam is produced in soft silicone moulds and can expand in different ways. For the current modules we have enlarged the cut-outs on multiple customer request. So rather a little more space than too little!

Furthermore the door convinces by a very high degree of detail. The dungeon grid is anchored by a metal guide bar, which is pushed through a cavity of the door frame and the hinges of the door leaf. The rod can then be fixed to the bottom of the cavity, for example, with simple plasticine. This prevents the rod from slipping out. Thanks to the metal guide rod we achieve a strong robustness of functionality. Other products that are printed purely in 3D have a disadvantage here, as the hinges tend to break out! Then you have to buy a new door!