Ziterdes - Study: Desk, Chair & Sorcerer Table (3 pieces)

Ziterdes - Study: Desk, Chair & Sorcerer Table (3 pieces)
Brand: Ziterdes
Product Code: 6079149
EAN: 4007246791491
Category: Ziterdes
License: Ziterdes
Product Type: Game & RPG Miniatures

First-class equipment for a mage and / or study room for a dungeon, a diorama or a tabletop room. The desk is extremely detailed modeled. Many small, loving extras were considered. On the desk you can find books, a scroll, a barrel with a pen, bottles and a skull. The desk chair is rustic and fits perfectly to the desk. As a side table, a witching table with a magical hex circle is placed on the table top. On the table there are additional bottles, carafes and small amphoraes, as well as another scroll and skull. The witching table is cast in one piece, so that the table bottom also has fine details.