Ziterdes - Dwarf Fortress

Ziterdes - Dwarf Fortress
Brand: Ziterdes
Product Code: 6012230
EAN: 4007246122301
Category: Ziterdes
License: Ziterdes
Product Type: Game & RPG Miniatures

The Dwarf Fortress is a monumental building. Direct from dwarven picks into the rock. Defiantly and secured by 4 towers, this fortress is very difficult to take, from which enemies whatsoever. In the inner court stairs lead to the balcony and the main entrance into the underlying halls deep in the rock. The main gate to the fortress is removable and made of resin. This allows the door to open and close during the game. The Dwarf Fortress is delivered in one piece and is made of structural foam. Thanks to this material and the production technology, the stones and contours are reproduced extremely realistically. With some paint and a brush, you can work out a lot more details and stress. The battlements of the towers can be equipped with miniatures such as archers.