Combat Tiers Expansion Pack - EN

Combat Tiers Expansion Pack - EN
Brand: Paizo Publishing
Product Code: PZOTTLCT002
EAN: 9781640783577
Category: Paizo Publishing
License: Paizo Publishing
Language: english
Product Type: Supplies

Combat Tiers bring a new dimension to tabletop gaming scenarios where height and distance are needed. Eliminating guesswork, Combat Tiers place any size miniatures at the exact height and distance needed to determine where combatants are during your battle scenarios.

Made from durable acrylic, Combat Tiers are designed to easily engage your gaming experience. The transparent material will not obscure the gaming environment. Multi-tier possibilities allow you to create various heights, while the large staging platforms allow the players to place multiple figures in simulated flight or combat, keeping everything sturdy and precise. Combat Tiers are gauged in one inch increments both on the prominent staging platforms and on the supporting columns, so ranges can be easily determined at a glance. With additional extensions, your figures can soar to even higher heights. No longer are ranges reduced to estimations—know exactly how the battle unfolds!

Combat Tiers can simulate many environments—use them to gauge underwater and space environments in addition to flight. For military enthusiasts, planes come alive during raids and strafing runs, and ships and submarines enjoy a new level of silent running as altitudes and depths take on a whole new gaming dimension.

Combat Tiers truly invigorate all your combat gaming situations.